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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Mar 22, 2012)
or switched sides lol
(Mar 22, 2012)
i go on usually at night, usually only me or 1 or 2 others on.. i think others either switched servers or went inactive
(Mar 21, 2012)
So whats going on witht he guild. I dont see anyone on anymore.
(Mar 01, 2012)
i get sick of running pvp dailies constantly by myself :x
(Mar 01, 2012)
yea even if i talk in guild chat i seemt o get ignored, people rarely visit this site.. idk maybe its time to see about a more active endgame guild :/
(Mar 01, 2012)
i agree, lately it seems like no one is talking, u guys should just shout out and post ur plans in the forum
(Feb 29, 2012)
we need to get people to use this site more or get more active people hard to organize events :/
(Feb 29, 2012)
Any 50's available, let us know ur schedule, maybe we can arrange a flashpoint or something
(Feb 25, 2012)
probably will be on tomorrow, if any 50's see this, wanna do a flashpoint?
(Feb 24, 2012)
If anyone is interested in testing out TERA then you can try grabbing a beta key for this weekend here -!/nCharms
(Feb 23, 2012)
loving the new cd timer, GJ BW :)
(Feb 21, 2012)
had work/family matters, i was on early today though, why is gw2 any good?
(Feb 21, 2012)
nah lol garak is likely a popular name its from DS9 star trek
(Feb 21, 2012)
You weren't beta testing GW2 were you? I saw a SS with "Garak" in it...
(Feb 21, 2012)
lol ill miss you too :D yea been busy this weekend ill be on tomorrow most likely
(Feb 20, 2012)
Might be away til Friday. Got a business trip
(Feb 19, 2012)
T_T I'll miss you Garak
(Feb 18, 2012)
might be offline for the next day or 2 just so yall know
(Feb 14, 2012)
silly bioware done broke my holo dancer :-[
(Feb 13, 2012)
sweet, just finished the main quest on ilum, gave me the Battle of ilum normal mode FP to do, need a group :)