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Lots of interesting things coming up

Myrkur / Feb 23, 2012
1.2 should be dropping sometime next month. GW2 going into Beta real soon. When that drops I will be expanding the site to accomodate that game as well as a World of Warcraft once MoP gets further into development.

Also, I had some problems getting decent footage for a Beginners Guide to Huttball. I still wasn't able to get all the shots I really wanted for the guide, but I will be putting it together soon. My next project will involve a full Warzone that I commentate over and explain how I approach PvP in Warzones when I solo Queue. How to maximize your medals while helping your team and minimizing your deaths so that you can score an 'Immortal' announcement. At least if you are a Shadow, haha.


Idk about GW2 tbh, everyone is hyping it to be revolutionary, i think some are in for a very rude awakening :p but if its F2P ill give it a go,
We are cautiously optimistic. A bunch of us have played GW1 and didn't like it at all, but we have been assured that GW2 is nothing like GW1.

The main allure is their philosophy in game making. They are implementing a lot of really good ideas that should have been obvious for some of these developers coming out with MMOs in the past 4-6 years. The 3 server WvW, which hasn't been done since DAoC where it was a proven way to make non-instanced non-small group PvP enjoyable. Allowing people to visit other servers for PvE stuff. And the combat is a nice transition to Action RPG type gameplay.
And the Transparency from the developers is awesome. They are very informative on what they are doing and what their intentions are. Which is very much appreciated.
well ill likely give it a shot, i think ill be with swtor for a good while so i would only play if its F2P since i dont want to be paying for 2 subs :p

one game i am looking forward to trying, will be f2p is planetside 2, supposed to be a mmofps, could be fun
The first one was pretty cool. I didn't play it for too long, because I typically played sniper classes in FPSs around the time that game came out and was used to playing on servers with 20-40 ping. But on Planetside my ping was always 200-400 and I couldn't hit anything as the sniper.
I played GW1 entirely all the way through PVE solo, plus all the expansions. In the end I played an Assassin/Dervish. watched a couple PVP vids but could never get into the arena style pvp. the coolest party was having 3 necro/rangers, with all their pets, was nuts!!

anyways, I am really unsure of GW2, it looks cool with the boss fight, but other than that, i dont wanna go through GW again lol. I still think that GW1 was very boring, partly because i dont like the graphics. I played the beta for GW1 back in the day, and it was such a bad experience that I almost didnt play GW at all, until about a year after it came out. Went back and tried to play some of the bonus material a few weeks ago that leads up to GW2, but I couldnt solo it and just got fed up with the game altogether.

hope that doesn't cause you guys to not play GW2, by all means, the best part is that it is free, and the events are amazing! I dunno how many halloweens i sat playing waiting for the pumpkin head dude to give out gifts and play games.

i just thought id share my experience with the game for ya all
Well if i can get in beta for gw2 ill give it a shot , also for anyone who is interested, in pc gamer april edition there is going to be beta codes supposedly for planetside 2, so when beta starts you will be able to participate i guess. thought id add that for anyone who was interested.

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