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Warzone Explotation

Myrkur / Feb 09, 2012
I made a post on the official forums this morning shining light on an explotative guild. It sadly was deleted. I have the post here though, and feel it should still be said. At least to you guys so that you may be aware of what is going on, and hopefully not get too discouraged by what is going on. The guild I am talking about here is <Fist of the Empire>, the largest guild on Empire and likely the entire server. They have over 1000 characters I believe, spread across three guilds of similar names. A Vast majority of them do not exploit. Unfortunately 4-8 of them do, and that is enough to ruin your Warzone experience, and enough to tarnish their reputation.

So I took the accusations of a certain empire guild with a grain of salt because I hadn't hit level 50 yet and therefore did not experience the claims of the original thread maker. Well, I finally hit 50 a few days ago and I am starting to notice the trend that the deleted thread complained about.

Alderaan Civil War is very difficult to get a full match in. The empire typically bugs out and has 9-12 players instead of the 8 that are supposed to be there. And this commences the Warzone Shutdown sequence. So I began to ask myself 'Why is it only Civil War this happens in?" and the answer is pretty obvious. It is much easier to guarantee a win within 2 minutes on Civil War than it is on Void Star or Huttball. They may spawn on the wrong team on Void Star, or a Tank may be on the other team with 3 healers who grabs the ball and holds it for 2 minutes.

So what is happening? A pre-made from the accused guild is queuing up together. When their queue pops, one of them accepts it and the others wait till he tells them which warzone it is. If it is Alderaan Civil War then they do the exploit and get an extra 1-3 players in the warzone.

Which brings me to the question 'Why would they even care to do that? The game only lasts 2 minutes in that scenario, that's hardly enough time to kill the entire other team once over. How is that fun for them?' and of course the answer to that is simple also. They don't care about actual PvP, they just want to get their Daily done. They want to check that box and get their little gear bag. And I have to say, that is some carebear *** **** right there.

Their only interest is completing a quest and getting a Champion/Battlemaster Bag. They could care less about actually PvPing. They do this because they feel they cannot compete, and want to finish the daily ASAP.

One of two things is going to happen in a few weeks. These guys will get all of their battlemaster gear, and then be one of those people that post on the pvp forum 'This game is boring. I have all battlemaster gear now and there is nothing to do' and then quit. Or they will have their Battlemaster Gear and stop exploiting, to find out they still cannot compete because they were never PvPing in the first place and all the best gear in the world won't help them. They will get frustrated and quit.

Of course not every member of that guild will do this, but a vast majority of them will. Their reputation will be terrible, their numbers will dwindle, and only the few that could have stopped their carebear friends will remain. Very few of them will feel shame and know why things turned out the way they did, the others will eventually get bored and quit themselves.

So enjoy your quick Alderaan Civil War wins. We will laugh heartily whenever we manage to get the caps first and win. And when we don't we will just take our quick 5+ Medals in 2 minutes and be glad we could get that much valor in the short time the game was played.

Addendum: If you experience other players exploiting this bug, then report them using the in-game ticket system. Do it each and everytime you experience it. The only way for us to combat the problem is to be tattle-tales and as annoying as possible to Bioware. If noone reports that players are doing this, then they will continue to be oblvious to the problem and it will continue to ruin our experience.


i reported this via ingame ticket, no response yet but every match today its like this and its pissing me off to the point ill stop pvping period -_-
looks like this will be fixed next patch supposedly
ya i reported it too, looks like the warzones are getting better, my win/loss ratio is getting a bit better
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