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Beginners Guid to Alderaan Civil War

Myrkur / Feb 02, 2012

I have finally completed my first video guide, and it's on Alderaan Civil War! This video is aimed at beginner players looking to learn how to be a better teammate in this Warzone. It goes over some basic gameplay and strategy for this map, and following the tips will help you become a valuable member of your team.

Look forward to more videos on other Warzones, Operations and World PvP, as well as general MMO Tips and some full Warzone and Ilum Commentary.


Thanks for the vid Cope! awesome!! I wish people would appreciate healers more! I only get 3 medals per match now, since I am full healer spec.
The most i've ever gotten from 1 match as a healer was 6. I think most people just dip out right after the match though. I still need to watch the video, gotta wait til i get home!
nice vid. in my opinion the most fun of warzones
idk i kind of like voidstar too, i know alot of people hate it but i find it fun... Huttball is only fun when its vs other republics cause empire just pwn us :/

voidstar is my fav, i havent lost that one
I HATE Voidstar. Don't see how anybody can like it lol
Oh god you got insta trolled on the youtube comments. Apparently, in order to grasp the nuances of a 3 point control map you have to be level 50. Also, someone claims the video gave him "cancer." We'll have to report that immediately to the Mayo institute.
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