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What will you play?

Myrkur / Jan 24, 2012
As our guild grows day by day, I am getting more inquiries about what one class a person should play. The answer to that question is simple. Play whatever the hell you want to.

If we are a guild of 500 Jedi, cool. If we have 20 Smugglers, 50 Knights, 40 Consulars and 15 Troopers, cool. Don't play a class just to fit into some mold of a group. If you roll the class you like the most, and get good at playing it you will find a place to shine. So if you must, play a bunch of different classes to level 20, so you get one key ability from a spec tree which will change the class a good deal. This will also let you see a good deal of the first chapter, to see if you like your base classes story. Then make a decision on which one you like the most, and run with it.

In terms of Story, Jedi Knights are regarded as having the best on Republic Side and I hear it is the best Dark Side Alignment Story in the game. The Smuggler story leads to some mischieve, fun, sex and rock and roll. Consulars story starts off weak, IMO, but gets really good in the end. From what I know of the Troopers story it's not extreme in the hate/love category, but more of a like/dislike. I believe the Trooper story starts off as a Revenge type story, in which your commanding officer is an incompetant POS that you will grow to hate. Sounds like a true Military batallion, haha.

As far as what classes are the "best" there really isn't any right now. At least that we can definitely say as there is no way to record combat logs and run parses. I recommend a Hybrid though, a class that can switch it's roll as they seem to be a little more powerful and are definitely more flexible. So figure out what class has the gameplay you enjoy and the story you don't hate and run with it. Worry about fitting into a group after you've proven you are one of the best people at your class, because by then you will be able to find a group for whatever you are doing no problem.


Yea i agree about the consular story, seemed kind of dull at first but i found it quite good after act 1.
Glad to hear it gets better. I am in complete agreement, definitely a little dull at first.
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