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Information about crafters within the guild
Trading items within the guild
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[Pinned] Crew Skills Helpful links and Tips

This thread is for Members to use to share their findings with the Crafting System in Star Wars. There are three types of Crew Skills in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Crafting Crew Skills, Gathering Crew Skills and Mission Crew Skills. You may o...
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Myrkur1335Small Myrkur 6y

Enhancements (Artifice)

I've gone through to find defensive enhancements and just ended up making a spreadsheet for all of them since their filters are a POS right now. These are all alphabetical and the stats are from highest to lowest. So for Acute: Accu...
Small kingchubz 6y
kingchubz21020Small kingchubz 6y

Crafting Crew Skill Analysis

Crafting Crew SkillsI've been looking through the different crafting skills to see what interests me the most. Obviously, this is going to boil down to how powerful the end game recipes are. Here is a list of the top crafted items for each profess...
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