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#5615211 Feb 08, 2012 at 09:26 AM · Edited 6 years ago
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I've gone through to find defensive enhancements and just ended up making a spreadsheet for all of them since their filters are a POS right now. These are all alphabetical and the stats are from highest to lowest. So for Acute: Accuracy is the highest stat then Crit then Endurance.

Some of these enchancements have identical stats to others as well but i've only checked 2 of them.

* means that there is only a level 49 version of it, otherwise there are level 50 versions.

Acute: Acc/Crit/End
Adept: Sur/Pow/End
*Adroit: Alac/End/Def
Assault: Sur/End/Crit
Astute: Acc/End/Def
*Barrage: Alac/End/Pow
Bastion: Gla/End/Def
Battle: Sur/Crit/End
*Bulwark: Gla/End/Abs
*Cognizant: Acc/End/Abs
*Counterstrike: Alac/Def/End
*Dexterous: Alac/Abs/End
*Discipline: Sur/End/Pow
*Efficacy: Sur/Pow/End
*Efficient: Sur/End/Pow
Erudition: Gla/End/Crit
Finesse: Acc/Crit/End
*Foresight: Gla/End/Pow
*Immunity: Gla/Def/End
*Incisive: Sur/End/Def
*Inertial: Sur/End/Abs
Initiative: Acc/Pow/End
Insight: Alac/Crit/End
*Intensity: Acc/Crit/End
*Intuition: Acc/End/Def
*Kinetic: Acc/Abs/End
*Lucid: Acc/End/Abs
Proficient: Acc/End/Pow
Protection: Acc/End/Def
Quick: Alac/Pow/End
*Reflective: Gla/Pow/Crit/End
*Resist: Sur/Def/End
*Safeguard: Sur/Abs/End
*Sagacity: Alac/End/Abs
Savant: Alac/Pow/End
*Sentient: Alac/End/Abs
*Severe: Sur/End/Def
Sharp: Acc/End/Pow
*Skirmish: Gla/Crit/End
Steadfast: Gla/End/Def
Studious: Acc/End/Pow
Sturdiness: Gla/Abs/End
*Veracity: Gla/End/Crit
*Verity: Gla/End/Pow
Vigilant: Gla/End/Abs
Volition: Alac/Crit/End
*Ward: Sur/End/Abs
*Warfare: Alac/End/Crit
Wily: Alac/Crit/End
Wisdom: Alac/End/Def
-Chubz the Scoundrel
-Gordito el Guardito
#5636491 Feb 12, 2012 at 11:54 PM
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Looks like I was wrong about some of them only being lvl 49 versions. Just checked the website again, and i'm definitely seeing lvl 50+ versions. But the stat orders are still correct which is the most important prat of this info.
-Chubz the Scoundrel
-Gordito el Guardito
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